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Tools you should have
on your motorcycle
Need Assistance?  
If you are broke down on
your motorcycle, tie a
bandana onto your left
mirror or hand grip.

This will signal passing
motorcyclists that you
need help.
Recommended tools and tool kits for traveling on your motorcycle.

Traveling with a tool kit on your motorcycle is highly advised.  You may not be a mechanic, but some issues are easily
fixed and having the proper tools will eliminate the possibility of getting stranded and/or leaving your motorcycle
unattended because of a break down.  

Be aware that Harley-Davidson motorcycles require several different Torx wrenches.  Be sure you also purchase a
complete Torx set or at minimum, the sizes your motorcycle requires individually.  

Also available are empty tool pouches.  Build your own travel tool kit for your bike with only the tools you know you need
for your motorcycle.  
Check your tool kit on occasion.  We once discovered, while pulled over to help someone broke
down, that a very common tool - a 1/2" socket - was not in the tool kit.  We had used it at home in the garage and didn't
return it to the tool bag.  DOUBLE CHECK your tools!

The Cruz Tools Roadtech H3 Tool Kit is the best selling tool kit on the market.

" The best features of the popular EconoKIT™ H1 and MiniSet™ tool kits all in one roll-up pouch Includes mini ratchet
and sockets, combinations wrenches, locking pliers, adjustable wrench, 4-in-1 screwdriver, LED flashlight,


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JP Cycles, Dennis Kirk, Motorcycle
Superstore, and most retailers that sell
motorcycle parts sell this kit.

Amazon usually has the most competitive
price and many more kits to choose from.

Comparison shop and ask fellow riders
what they have in their tool kit and what
they swear they couldn't do without!