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"motorcycles will
get you through
better than money
will get you through
times of no
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Did You Know?
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Harley-Davidson motorcycles nickname "hog" began in the 1920's because
the racing team's mascot, a pig, was carried on a victory lap after each race
won by the team.  During this time period Leslie "Red" Parkhurst broke 23
speed records on a Harley- Davidson 61 cubic inch racing motorcycle.

Resource:  Harley-Davidson/History  
January 2011 - RidersInfo

to learn that Harley-Davidson sold more motorcycles in the U.S. to people
under the age of 35 than
research firm R.O. Polk, Do you think Harley-Davidson is
for baby boomers only?  If so, you may be surprised brand in sales of new on-road
motorcycles to young adults aged 18-34 and extended the lead in 2009.  
And that is
for all  displacement motorcycles, not just heavyweight bikes.
 In just
heavyweight bikes over 650cc, H-D has been number 1 for some time.  And new bike
sales aren't the only contribution to the youth riders.  From 2006-2009 H-D sold
approximately 200,000 used Harleys to this same generation and the number has
been increasing.

Information source:  HOG 009 2011 article by Matt King
RidersInfo April, 2011
Tie a bandanna to the mirror
on the left side of your

This will signal passing motor-
cyclists that you are in need
of assistance.
Random Motorcycle Trivia

You may have heard the term "gypsy tour" related to many motorcycle rallies;
as in the upcoming 88th Laconia Motorcycle Rally in New Hampshire
But do you know the origination of this term?  Gypsy tours were organized and
sanctioned by the AMA.  Usually an event like a motorcycle race or motorcycle hill
climb was the attraction.  They were called "gypsies" because motorcycle riders
would travel all over the country on their bikes and sleep in tents.  

The term originated prior to the 1920's and is more commonly called 'run' or 'rally'
today.  Although the terms may have changed the activity has not.

Hundreds of thousands of motorcycle riders will be packing their bikes with tents this
season and travel 1,000's of miles all over the country, converging together to share
a common passion.  If you haven't experienced a road
trip on your motorcycle, I highly recommend it!

If you would like to read more about the "Gypsy Tours" check out this
book available at Amazon

Ride Safe!!

Ridersinfo: Did you know motorcycle facts:May 2011
The Legend Of The Gremlin Bell®:

    The legend claims that a small bell attached to your
    motorcycle, close to the ground, catches the Evil Road
    Spirits. The Little Gremlins live on your motorcycle causing
    all kinds of mechanical problems. The cavity of the bell
    attracts these Evil Spirits, but the constant ringing drives
    them insane and they lose their grip and fall to the ground.

    The legend also says that if you give the gremlin bell as a
    gift to a rider you double the protection.

A new endurance rally has successfully completed the 1st event.  I anticipate this to be a
yearly event.  Check out details from the 2012 event:  

rganizers of The American Motorcycle Rally are getting all the final details ironed out for the 8
day endurance motorcycle ride for charity event.

The date for the event has been revised...the dates are currently June 15-23, 2012.  Ride your
motorcycle over 7,000 miles in 8 days!  

If you want an opportunity to test your endurance, see the country, and support charity, then you
need to check into this ride at

Long story short....Riders will depart from C&A Harley-Davidson in Plain City, Ohio.  Riders will
be required to stop at 'pit-stops' along the route to collect points.  The riders will have
checkpoints in Chattanooga, TN, Tulsa, OK,  Las Vegas, NV, Ft. Collins, CO, St. Louis, MO,
Columbus, OH.  If you are late to the checkpoint you are 'docked' points that you collected at the

As you can imagine there are a lot of details in an event of this size.  The website is very
informative, it even includes videos that talk you through the entire event.  

The entry fee is $1,000 and includes the required GPS unit needed for the ride.  All proceeds go
to the prize purse, with a $150,000 top prize, and charity organizations.  See all the details at

I have been following the ever changing details of this event.  I recommend you check the site
often for new information.  
July 23, 2012--Press Release

Detroit Bike Week Roars Into Commerce Township July 27-29, 2012

Detroit-  Metro Detroit’s Largest Motorcycle Festival Features Sons of Anarchy Star, Live Music and Guinness
World Record-Breaking Rides

Bikers go for Guinness World Record for the most HARLEY-DAVIDSON motorcycles in one
ride on July 28, 2012.

With close to 100 vendors selling biker lifestyle and accessories, Detroit Bike Week will be a mecca for
everything motorcycle!

Multi-Lakes Conservation Association is located at 3860 Newton Rd in Commerce Township, Michigan (in
Oakland County just north of Novi). The venue is easily accessed from M-5 while still offering a beautiful ride
into nature. Sitting on acres of protected land hosting lakes, rolling green hills and trees, the Conservation
offers a secluded environment for festivalgoers to relax with friends and enjoy this wide variety of activities.

For more information about Detroit Bike Week including a complete schedule of events please visit

I am waiting for the official results of the record attempt.  I will post results when available!
Indiana Motorcyclist & Motorists

Support the Purdue University Motorcycle Safety Awareness Campaign!

Purdue University professor Marifran Mattson, PhD and Purdue University students in the MS@P
are currently conducting a 'signature drive' in support of a Motorcycle Safety Awareness

The Purdue MS@P campaign is requesting signatures in support of a
new license plate to
support, inform, and educate drivers and the general public within the Indiana community
about motorcycle safety.
These signatures will be submitted to the Indiana Bureau of Motor
Vehicles (BMV) to petition for the
creation of a new motorcycle safety custom license plate.
This custom license plate will be available for purchase and will allow  the organization to
continue promoting motorcycle safety throughout the state. Your support is greatly appreciated!

and always be aware that motorcycles are sharing the road.  What a great way to have a As
riders we all wish all operators of motor vehicles would acknowledge are rights on the roads
and always be aware that motorcycles are sharing the road.  What a great way to have a
constant reminder about motorcycle safety and awareness!!  I think this should be an option for
drivers in all States!

The MS@P program has traveled all over the country and supported by many credible, reputable
organizations.  To find out more about the organization and the license plate project, go to their
website  Ride Safe!