Fox Creek Leather - Ladies Leather Belt Purse

Ladies if you are looking for a 'belt' purse to wear while riding,
then check out the
Leather Belt Purse from Fox Creek Leather

When Rachel at Fox Creek ask me if I would like to review the belt purse,
while on our 2,000+ mile trip to the Laconia Rally in New Hampshire, I told
her that would be great!

Two days before we were to roll out on our trip the package arrived.  As
usual with Fox Creek products, I was immediately impressed with the
quality of the leather and the softness of the leather, something you learn
to expect from Fox Creek Leather.  It is made in Grayson County, VA, USA,
always a big PLUS for me!  I was also impressed with the exceptional
quality of the round scissor snaps for a secure attachment to your belt loops.

Rachel had also included the optional strap that is available.  A very nice feature of this purse.  Perfect for getting off your bike and going to
dinner, etc... when a purse attached to your belt isn't always appropriate for the venue.  

When I opened the purse I was a little concerned that it did not have a zipper.  The outside fastener is a strong magnetic snap.  There isn't a
zipper inside of the purse either.  The belt purse that I already owned had been picked because it had a zipper, and of course the usual
requirements, style, size, quality.  As a rider I have both hands on the hand grips and can't secure the purse if riding in exceptional winds that
can come from a variety of sources.  

The size of the purse was perfect, large enough to fit my BIG cellphone, my reading glasses, chap stick, money, credit cards, etc...  But it wasn't
so large that it was cumbersome and bulky.  The quality is exceptional and the style is classic, so I decided, despite the lack of a zipper, I would
put it to the test.  As I was filling it with all the necessities, I panicked as I put my credit card holder in with all my money!  I backed out at the last
minute, but packed it in my t-bag to bring along, just in case I found the nerve during our 9 days on the road.

Our trip to Laconia included my husband, my sister, my brother-in-law, my brother, my sister-in-law, and myself.  My sister-in-law, Eryn, was the
only passenger on our trip.  

Our first or second morning on the road, while we were packing up camp, I asked Eryn if she had a belt purse, no she didn't.  I asked her if she
would be interested in the Fox Creek belt purse I had in my t-bag.  She said sure, then I told her that the condition was she had to critique it
during our trip and give me a review at the end!  She said she would be happy to do so.  

Here is Eryn's review of the belt purse....

Pros: Thick, soft leather, deep inner pocket and durable liner.  
Strong magnet, never opened while riding, fit comfortably on my
hip making for a hands free ride, fit easily under rain gear

Cons: No inner zipper pocket

Overall I enjoyed the purse. No worries about leaving at a store or
booth.  Very comfortable to wear but will your pull pants down a bit
if there is too much weight.  May need to tighten up the belt a notch!

I would use this product again, and would recommend this to a friend.


Thanks Eryn!                                       
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Fox Creek Leather -
Ladies  Riding Jacket

Ladies, are you shopping for a leather riding jacket?  If so,
you need to check out the
Ladies Summer Riding Jacket from
Fox Creek Leather.  Instantly, the jacket has two top qualities;
Made In The USA and Lifetime Guarantee.  

The construction and materials used to make this jacket are remarkably top quality.  Immediately you notice the top-grain leather and how soft
it is.  It feels like the jacket you have been wearing for years, broken in - ready to ride, right out of the box.  This isn’t a thin, flimsy leather; the
leather used for this jacket is bona-fide riding material, meant to provide protection from the elements, and if necessary, crash protection.  
Another feature, that continues to impress me, is the zipper.  This jacket zips up easily each and every time.  

The ‘summer’ part of the description becomes apparent in the lining and the zipping vents.  The lining is mesh, as opposed to the usual 100%
nylon lining in most riding jackets, allowing the jacket to breathe in hot weather.  The back vents have hidden zippers that you can open for
maximum air movement.  They have even put hidden zippers in the inner/upper arm area, allowing air to reach critical areas.

The fit and function of the jacket exceeded all my expectations.   I have complete freedom of movement while operating my motorcycle, even
when I have additional layers on.  The length of the sleeves are perfect even with my arms extended.  

The biggest challenge I seem to have with all jackets is the torso length.  With the
Fox Creek Leather
Ladies Summer Riding Jacket my lower back is completely covered when leaning over.  To add to the
safety feature of this jacket, the back bottom of the jacket is padded, a.k.a. padded kidney belt.  Need
more safety?  This jacket also has reflective piping on the front and back seams, which appear black
unless illuminated with light.  (see picture at left)

The interior pockets (one which zips and the other snaps) have a ridiculous amount of room without
looking or feeling bulky.  I only have a sissy bar bag on my bike, so I tend to load up my pockets.  A typical
ride will include my cell phone, card/money holder, reading glasses, & chapstick.  On our trip to Sturgis; add to that, a folded map, my husband’
s pack of cigarettes, a pen and a notepad!  At one point during our trip, as my husband kept handing things to me, I said “NO! I am not a pack

Last but not least, the customer service at
Fox Creek Leather is superb!  Fox Creek wants your gear to fit you perfect, so they ask all the
necessary questions to make sure this happens.  Need the jacket now?  Two days after I ordered the jacket it was at my home!

Finally, a
ladies riding jacket actually designed to fit ladies!!  Well done!

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Review of the
Ladies Summer Riding Jacket  from Fox Creek Leather.
Click pictures to enlarge

Pictures of the Ladies
Summer Riding Jacket

Full Throttle in Sturgis, SD.  I am on the far right,
notice the reflective piping, illuminated
by the camera flash.

Photo op at the Wyoming Border     
My ride: 2009 Harley-Davidson 1200c Sportster, my jacket: Ladies Summer Riding Jacket
Ted Nugent concert at Full Throttle, Sturgis SD
Needles Hwy, Custer State Park, Black Hills SD
On the way to Devils Tower, Wyoming
Notice the lower back coverage from the padded kidney belt.
in Custer Park, SD.  By the time the
storm ended (one of four that day)
I was soaked everywhere but from
my neck to my waist!
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Motorcycle Riding
Glasses Review

I found these glasses at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally this year,
among the hundreds of vendors, including dozens selling riding glasses.

As I am always searching for riding glasses, I almost always stop and try on
glasses when I have the opportunity.  Riding glasses/goggles is one of those
things I am very particular about (as well as gloves, which I am still searching for).  
I was down to wearing regular sunglasses for the last 3 years.  

I had a pair of H-D goggles that were too tight, too hot, too ugly, and required an additional pair of sun- glasses when not riding.  

Then I progressed to a pair of H-D riding glasses with soft foam.  Too hot, too foggy (when riding on interstate in the pouring rain I had to TAKE
THEM OFF because I couldn't see ANYTHING!)  Also, cleaning glasses with built in foam is a real pain!  It is difficult to clean the entire lens and
the foam gets wet.  

Regular glasses don't steam up and they don't get too hot!  But they also don't keep the wind off your eyes, which doesn't bother me until it is 60
degrees and under, then the cold air causes my eyes to water.

Which is why I was nearly ecstatic when I found these riding glasses with REMOVABLE FOAM!  Perfect solution to all that ails me!  Easy to
clean, take out the foam when not riding or even when riding, fit great,and protection for the cooler days!  The fact that they are transitional was
only a bonus.  The sales person claimed that they automatically increase in protection with higher UV rays, I don't know if they do or not, but I do
notice when the sun is directly in my eyes they don't wash out like most other glasses I have worn.

I realize that anything you want is probably available for a price, but the key here is affordable.  These glasses were only $30, which I don't think
is cheap, but more than worth it for a pair of perfect riding glasses.

I have worn these glasses for 1,000's of miles already (thanks to the road trip home from Sturgis) and love them.  When I did an online search
for the name that is MOLDED ONTO THE GLASSES, it comes up with a page of non-related links for searches.  What extremes they went to
just to get people to go to their site and click links, sell glasses???  Search after search after search, I cannot find these glasses anywhere.  I
even put a part number that is stamped inside the ear piece in and nothing.  But the greatest thing about these glasses is the removable foam,
and the fit, they are full size glasses.  I am searching for the source of these glasses and as soon as I find them I will share that information!!

If you are heading to a rally with vendors, you need to check these glasses out.  The name on the glasses is Red Cactus USA.  The display is a
understated booth, with a couple tables and glasses on display racks.

I have been wearing these glasses in the cool weather, high 40's, and I can report that I feel absolutely no wind and have no tearing from the
cold!  Love these glasses!

Pam review
on Motorcycle Riding Glasses

UPDATE:  6/29/2013 --  I am STILL wearing these glasses and STILL LOVE THEM!  We were at the Laconia Motorcycle Rally in New
Hampshire this month and I looked at every single vendor selling riding glasses to find these; for another pair in case something happens
to mine.  NOBODY had these glasses!!  ugh!!  

If you anyone recognizes these glasses, please contact me at

I am receiving a ton of emails from other riders whom also have these glasses and LOVE them!  And I received an email from a rider who
not only found the Red Cactus USA vendor at Laconia in 2013 but bought TWO pairs!!  Man!!  i missed it!
removable foam insert
Lindby® LINBAR Highway Bar  
also can be referred to as a 'mustache bar'

I installed the Lindby® Linbar on my 2009 1200C Harley-Davidson Sportster
in December of 2010.  I first noticed the Lindby® bar on a motorcycle in 2006
at Devil's Tower in Wyoming while we were there for the Sturgis Rally.  As
soon as I laid eyes on it I knew that was the crash bar I was going to have on my
motorcycle!   I am a minimalist as far as my motorcycle is concerned, I grew up
with a Dad who built and rode choppers, as far as I was concerned "baggers"
didn't exist.  So the thought of a crash bar never thrilled me,  however, shit happens
and it doesn't hurt to have the added protection if my bike were to ever go down.  
I would be SICK if anything happened to the beautiful paint on my tank!!  Not being
a big fan of all the bulky add-ons available for motorcycles, the Lindby® with it's
unique-edgy appearance fit the bill.  I will admit it is rather large compared to other
crash bars available, but the design/shape of the Linbar give it a lean appearance.

The only con to the Lindby® highway bars are the price, they are not cheap.  To overcome this hurdle I put the Lindby® Linbar on my Christmas
wish list in 2010, and thankfully my husband came through!  As I have said before; the BEST way to customize your motorcycle is via Christmas
and birthday gifts.  The pro to the high price is that not everyone is willing to spend that kind of money, so you have something that isn't on every
bike on the road!

As far as looks, I personally  think it looks awesome, I love it!  Function?  The whole purpose of the crash bar is to protect your bike if it goes
down, fortunately my bike hasn't been laid down so I can't give any testimony on the ability of function.  Which is a good thing!  

    Another benefit of having a highway bar on your motorcycle is that it provides a
    location to install highway pegs for additional position of your legs while on a long
    trip.  The Lindby® Linbar bar has a 'flat top' with o-rings, this in my opinion is strictly
    for looks.  The top of the bar is way too high to use as highway pegs.  I think if you
    are looking at a picture of the Linbar it appears that you could probably use this to
    put your feet on for a change of position.  In reality, when the bar is on the bike the
    position isn't practical.  There are many highway pegs available to add to crash
    bars, Kuryakn® for example, has several good looking highway pegs.  My dilemma
    is that adding the highway pegs will take away from the lean. clean look of the
    Lindby® Linbar, my whole purpose of choosing this particular crash bar.  

At some point I will have to put vanity aside and install highway pegs on my bars.  Long trips are tough on the knees if you can't change
position.  I have forward controls so I have a little bit of extension of my legs already, however, I also have the desire to be able to stretch my
legs out on occasion so it is inevitable that I will be purchasing some in the future.  I figure I can remove them when I'm not on long trips if I just
can't deal with the looks.  


Man, installation was a bitch!  I tell the story on Installing a Lindby® Linbar?  So rather than rehash that whole ordeal, please just read that
story.  After the installation I was certain that it had to be stressing my frame, I mean it was incredibly difficult to mount this thing.  I was a little
STRESSED after all was said and done.  I had to wait several weeks for the snow to melt before I could try it out after installation.  I was
extremely pleased with how my bike rode after installing the Lindby® bars.  The '09 1200C Sporty is a little on the skinny side of front ends,
handling in high winds and interstate truck traffic wasn't always the most pleasant experience.  After installing the Linbar I could immediately
notice better handling.  Adding the extra weight to the front end helped I'm sure, but I think mounting the rigid crash bar also added a little more
strength and stability to the front of the bike.  

Dennis Kirk and J&P Cycles both carry the Lindby® Linbar that I have on my bike, as well as the other styles available from Lindby®.  I ALWAYS
do a price comparison between the two retailers, they both have sales on a regular basis and also shipping has to be a factor in the bottom

I would also like to add that the Lindby® Linbar is a Made in the USA product!

March 2012
Lindby Linbar on my 2009 1200c Harley-Davidson Sportster
Lindby highway bar with built in side foot pegs
Lindby® offers a
model with built in
foot pegs.
Lindby® Linbar
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