When traveling on your
motorcycle you need to be mindful
of the size and weight of your
gear.  You have to be able to
safely secure your cargo to your
motorcycle with minimal
I have gathered some gear
recommendations available at
Amazon.com & Mountains Plus
Outdoor Gear
that have
proven to travel well.  If you
read 'The Road To Sturgis' you
will find these items also provide
adequate comfort and protection.
Gear You Need For Your Road Trip

When traveling on your motorcycle you need to be mindful of the size
and weight of your gear.  You have to be able to safely secure your
cargo to your motorcycle with minimal overhang.  I have gathered
some gear recommendations available at
Amazon.com that have
proven to travel well.  If you read 'The Road To Sturgis' you will find
these items also provide adequate comfort and protection.

Sheepskins are an absolute MUST
have for a long road trip. It provides
added cushion to your seat and
coolness in extreme heat conditions.
Sheepskins come in many forms for
motorcycles. Everyone in our riding
group used the same kind, a standard
genuine sheep skin rug. A benefit to
the rug style skin is the versatility it
offers. It comes in very handy as a
pillow or blanket when you are not
using it on your motorcycle. Our
sheepskin measures 38 x 24; (at the
widest point) and works perfectly for
both rider and passenger seats on
Tom's Harley - Davidson Heritage
Softail Classic.  On my sporty I use the
extra to drape on my t-bag for a very
soft backrest!

RidersInfo has 100% All Natural
Australian Merino Wool sheepskins
available for purchase!  They are
available in long wool, short wool
natural form pelt, and the short wool,
standard motorcycle seat cover with
straps.  Go to our
sheepskin page for
more detailed information.
Self-inflating mats work great for traveling on your motorcycle.  Quick and easy set-up and provide a comfortable nights sleep.  Just one of many to chose from is the ALPS Mountaineering Lightweight Series Self-Inflating Air pad (Steel Blue, Regular)
Recommended Gear
When purchasing a tent for your motorcycle it is best to stay with a 2-3 man, dome style tent. Check out the Coleman SunDome 7-Foot by 7-Foot 3-Person Dome Tent (Orange/Gray)

We found this to be more than enough space to fit our mats and plenty room to store our t-bag and other travel gear.  It also withstood the travel of many trips on the back of the motorcycle.

We purchased a new tent for our Laconia Rally trip in 2013. We got the Ozark Trail 2-Person Dome Tent at Wal-Mart icon It worked out great! Folded up very small and only weighs 5 lbs! I can easily recommend this tent for 2 people.
Fleece sleeping bags rollup much tighter, therefore pack on your motorcycle easier than a full size sleeping bag.This one is under $20 Texsport Fleece Black Sleeping Bag
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Road Trip Gear
Shammies & Travel Towels
Available at Amazon.com
Self Inflating Mats
Available at
Read our "Preparing for a
Road Trip on Your
Motorcycle"  &
Get Your Motorcycle Ready
For Sturgis for more useful
resources, tips and tricks!
The anatomy of a packed motorcycle for your road trip
The anatomy of a packed
Click photo to enlarge
Leather jackets, chaps, and gloves are always biker essentials.  A leather vest is a
must have for event patches, extra pockets, and provides body core protection.  
These are all common gear items that most of us know we need.  For more
information on essential riding gear please go to our
Gear page.  

One thing that you may not have thought about for your road trip is a leather
bandana.  These are excellent for cold weather riding but also for riding in the rain.
There are times when the rain feels like needles sticking you in the face!  Tying a
cloth bandana over your face works until it gets soaked, at which time every breath
you take causes the bandana to suck up into your mouth and nose.  Not good!  A
leather bandana with a fleece lining works perfect.  It repels the rain and the fleece
keeps your face warm and dry.   When it isn't raining or bitter cold I put it around
my neck and it helps to keep cooler air from going inside my jacket.  I cannot count
how many times I was so grateful that I had mine!

Another must have for your motorcycle trip is a
12 Volt battery charger
power adapter
that plugs directly into your existing battery tender connection.  

If you do not already have a battery tender pigtail on your bike you will also need to
order the battery tender pigtail, listed just under the  charging adapter.  

On a previous trip to Sturgis we used the campground electric in the dining area to
charge our phones while eating breakfast.  That worked fine with our regular cell
phones, but with todays Smart Phones the batteries go much faster, this is a must
have!  I ordered my 12 Volt Power Adapter  from Amazon and have the link for the
exact adapter on the left, I received it in 5 business days, the quality is superb!  
Worked great while on our 2011 Sturgis Trip.


USB direct chargers are also now available, however, I have never used one of
these and cannot give testimony to their reliability.  See link below.

For a printable - complete packing check list go to
packing for a motorcycle road
Go to our TOOLS page for must have recommended
motorcycle tools for your motorcycle road trip!
12 Volt Motorcycle
Charging Adapter for
Phones/GPS Units
Plugs into battery
tender cable
I own this, VERY nice!
great quality!
Battery Tender Pigtail
for 12V Power Adapter
and/or Battery Tenders
Check out our Packing
For The Sturgis
Page For More Great
Tips and Tricks!
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We use the shammy
(shown above) as our
shower towels, and they
work great.   My sister
and her  husband use
the ones below, which
they love as well.
The PERFECT motorcycle keychain in my motorcycle
Give the PERFECT GIFT for the biker in your life! Every rider should have a sheepskin for their road trips!! CLICK HERE to go to sheepskins page !
USB direct charging
unit (also requires
battery tender


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We always use our sheepskins when we travel on our motorcycles!
Motorcycle sheepskin covers - 100% Merino wool = Made in the USA