Resources for New Motorcycle Riders

New Riders!

Should you ride a motorcycle? A great article by the MSF that explores your mental and physical capabilities. Click HERE to open the .pdf from the MSF (Motorcycle Safety Foundation)

Motorcycle Safety Foundation Basic RiderCourse Flyer


Whether you are new to riding a motorcycle or a veteran of riding, you will find useful resources at on mastering your skills to make your ride safe and fun. RidersInfo strongly recommends the Motorcycle Safety Foundation course or the Harley-Davidson Riders Edge motorcycle riding classes, for all new riders.  More information on these classes can be found to the right on this page.  I have gathered some of the best selling books and DVD’s available at Amazon for motorcyclists interested in learning more about safe riding. Also, read the articles on this website listed under the New Riders for real life examples. 

Do you SEE while you are riding your motorcycle? 

Search – Evaluate – Execute

A must read for new motorcycle riders! 

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