Relocating the Rear Turn Signal

Harley-Davidson® Dyna and Sportster*

*These tips for relocating the rear turn signals apply only to models with fitment to Harley-Davidson Rear Turn Signal Relocation Kit 68732-02A, 68733-02A. There are some models of Dyna and Sportster that do not use this particular kit. Please check the Fitment of any kit before making purchases.

Close up view Rear turn signal relocation
Rear Turn Signal Relocation Kit Harley-Davidson®
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I purchased the Harley-Davidson® Sportster Leather Saddlebag kit 53050-10A, 90201321 for my 2009 Sportster 1200C. To install these saddlebags it was necessary to relocate my rear turn signals. They are located on the side of the fenders, stock from the factory. The rear relocation kit moves the turn signals to the back of the fender, behind the license plate bracket.

The process of relocating the turn signals was tedious! Allow yourself a couple hours to complete this move.

The tools you will need:
Crimping Tool
Wire cutters
Heatshrink gun (I used a blow dryer)
Loctite 243 Threadlocker and sealant – Blue
Flathead screwdriver

Often I try to give step by step instructions on installations I have made on my Harley. The instructions that accompany the relocation kit are 7 pages long and there are a few differences between models/years that are distinguished in the instructions. If you order this kit, you will have the instructions, which I highly recommend you follow.

I will highlight a couple areas that caused us pain on this install, perhaps, saving you some frustration during your install.

Gently push bottom of lamp holder with skinny screwdriver
Place skinny screwdriver into wire holes and gently push upward on lamp holder.

First, removing the reflector from the bullet housing. This was nearly impossible! The instructions state “Carefully pry the reflector and grommet from the housing.” Well, that was impossible and the only way we could get the reflector and grommet out was by using a long, skinny screwdriver and placing it inside the hole the wires were coming out of.

removing reflector from turn signal bullet housing
Gently pull reflector/lamp out of housing

Once the screwdriver is inside, GENTLY push up on the bottom of the lamp holder. This pushes the reflector out of the housing.

The second area I want to highlight is where you cut the wires between the turn signal and the housing connector. I misread the instructions and made my cuts 4-6 inches from the lamp. I was supposed to make the cut 4-6 inches from the connector. This caused problems when we routed the wires through the new chrome bar. The terminals had to be pushed into this bar, whereas, if I had followed the directions correctly, the terminals would have been located under the fender. The bar diameter is wide enough for the wires and the heat shrink tubing! Jamming the two crimped terminals into the bar was almost impossible! Other than these two issues, the rest of the install was pretty straight forward. The instructions are well written and include diagrams.

The purpose of moving the turn signals, as I previously stated, was to fit the new saddle bags on my bike. They look great and another great customization of my Sporty. Good luck with your install! 

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