Motorcycle Sheepskin Seat Covers

Our sheepskins are manufactured in the USA and are all natural, using the best Australian Merino sheepskin!  I have partnered with the best in the industry, to make this possible for our readers!

If you have read our stories to Sturgis, or our article about “What to pack for Sturgis” and “Traveling on your motorcycle” then you already know that I recommend a sheepskin cover for any motorcycle trip! The benefits of riding with a sheepskin cover on your motorcycle are undeniable, AND it also doubles as a pillow when stopping for the night!

Sheepskin seat covers keep you cool during the summer and warm in wintertime, because of the breathing properties of wool’s hollow fibers. They are always comfortable because they are extremely soft, and they provide a comfortable cushion of air that acts as a temperature insulator. With sheepskin seat covers, you will not have to worry about getting into a “hot seat”. During cold winter months, sheepskin seat covers are perfect for giving you that extra added comfort and warmth.

The natural lanolin in sheepskin will actually improve the durability of leather seats over time, making sheepskin seat covers a great investment.

More Benefits of Sheepskin:

  • Sheepskin will not give off an electrical charge. Synthetic seat covers are a 100% insulator of electrical energy. All natural sheepskin is a partial insulator providing you undisturbed release of static electricity created by the natural friction of your body and the environment.
  • Sheepskin is able to absorb sweat immediately and can submit it in to the air seven times faster than synthetics.
  • Sheepskin against the body activates the blood circulation and the immune system supporting the relaxation and regeneration of the body.
  • Sheepskin is gentle on your skin because it contains lanolin, a basic substance similar to that found in human skin.
  • Sheepskin helps heal sensitive or inflamed skin or rashes.
  • Sheepskin is dirt and bacteria resistant. It has been known for centuries that the lanolin in natural sheepskin provides it with a self cleaning quality when the sheepskin is hung in fresh air.  This does not mean that your sheepskin will not get dirty from all the road grime!  Trust me, IT DOES!!
 All our sheepskin products have been tanned using the most advanced
technology known to man. As a result, simple care is all that is needed to
maintain their beauty and comfort.


Standard size – Long Wool Sheepskin motorcycle seat cover. This will cover the driver and passenger seat. Average size is 43″ long by 27″ wide.  Also available in short wool with or without straps…see Natural Form Short and Short with straps below.


(+ $25.00 shipping) NO STRAPS



Natural Form Short Wool Sheepskin

The natural form sheepskin is not neatly trimmed and shaped like the long wool and the standard motorcycle sheepskin.  This skin has NO straps and may arrive with a canvas backing attached to the leather side that you will remove before using.  It is truly in it’s natural form and happens to be my favorite and the one I own for my bike.  Would be beautiful on your floor (mine lives on our ottoman when I am not using it for a road trip) as well as cool as hell on your motorcycle.  Has a real “old school” look.  

It is approximately 45″ inches long and 35″ wide. Back side (passenger area) is approximately 29″ and front (driver’s seat nose) is approximately 26″.  Every sheepskin is unique and the dimensions will vary. Ample coverage for both driver and passenger seats. Perfect for two up seats.  Sizes will vary! Tom finally has this sheepskin also and his is a little smaller than mine, but fits perfectly on his Heritage. Because this is natural form and unfinished edges, the size of the animal will determine the size of the finished product. This will cover the passenger and driver seat of large touring bikes. For smaller motorcycle seats you are able to trim the pelt. This pelt will easily make two seat covers for smaller motorcycle seats. Always trim from the leather side.  

Driver back rest are not a problem. Place the skin on your seat, find the slot that your backrest fits into. Cut a small slit in the current location (from the skin side) and your backrest will slide thru without problem. The cut into the pelt is not noticeable when the skin is off the bike.

(+ $25.00 shipping)  NO STRAPS  BLACK ONLY



Our 100% Merino Wool motorcycle sheepskin seat covers are also available with adjustable straps. These skins are the short wool & offer different colors. Average size is 43″ long by 34″ wide.

These sheepskins are ‘made per order’ – shipping takes approximately 14 business days to ship.


(+ $25.00 shipping) WITH STRAPS  

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