Packing Checklist for your motorcycle road trip!

how to pack your motorcycle



__ Windshield (Strongly recommended)  You may need to chop your windshield for maximum visibility.

__  Quality T-Bag

Wool sheepskin seat cover - RidersInfo recommends the 'pelt' type as is doubles as a pillow.  

__  Tools - Basic tool kit for road side emergency repairs.

__  Extra set of spark plugs (Recommended)

__  Bungee cords (pack a few extra)

__  Flashlight

__  Knife (pocket or belt loop style)

__  Map - even if you use a GPS take a paper map for backup

__  12V cellphone/GPS charging adapter

__  Cellphone charger for vehicles

__  Cellphone

__  Rain Gear

__  Cloth for wiping down seats due to rain, etc...

__  Small soft cloth for cleaning riding glasses/goggles

__  Clear lens riding glasses/goggles for night, rain, etc...

__  Leathers -
Boots/Jacket/Chaps/Gloves/Vest  (I also recommend a Leather Bandana)

__  Helmet (If you do not normally wear a helmet check the map for the laws where you will be
traveling to and through.)

__  Skull cap for wearing with or without helmet

__  Camera and/or Camcorder

__  Tent (stay with 2 or 3 man tents-think small!)

__  Self-inflating sleeping mats

__  Sleeping bag (Recommend the fleece sleeping bag)

__  Waterproof bag with hook for shower supplies

__  Small plastic bottles for shampoo/conditioner/body wash etc...

__  Shammy(s) for drying after shower (not for washing your bike)

__  Shower scrunchy in lieu of washcloth (drys fast!)

__  Disposable hand wipes, such as Wet Ones, etc...

__  Toiletries - shampoo, soap, razor, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc...(packed in the waterproof bag you will be
taking to the shower house with you)

__  Sunscreen-Lotion-Chapstick

__  Flip flops or sandals of some sort for shower house

__  Shorts, sweats, yoga pants, etc... to wear to shower house

__  At least one sweatshirt, fleece, or something to wear for rainy days, cool nights, etc...

__  Pain reliever (Aspirin, Tylenol, Ibuprofen, etc...) for the aches and pains from riding hundreds of miles every

__  Bandaids, hand sanitizer (mini first aid kits may be a good idea)

__  If you have prescription medication of any kind, don't forget it!

__  Clothing - Keep it simple, a couple pairs of jeans and a few t-shirts will do!

__  Insurance card/motorcycle registration

__  Snacks - such as jerky, almonds, etc... keep it simple, light, and small

__  Flask 😉

This is basic and how we travel, successfully.  Before packing the kitchen sink REMEMBER you are on a
motorcycle and weight and girth is very important!

To see how this all looks packed, click
here for picture.

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***To get your motorcycle ready for a road trip, check out the
Motorcycle Pre-Trip information with
printable checklist.
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