Sturgis Motorcycle Rally ~ Everything you need to prepare!

Main Street Sturgis motorcycle rally

How is the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally date determined?

According to the organizers the date for the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is set by the following standards…

The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is the first full week of August, Monday through Sunday, when preceded by a full weekend. This means that if the 1st of August falls on a Sunday the event would begin on the 9th with a full weekend preceding it. If the 1st of August would to fall on a Friday then the events official dates would be 4th through the 10th, the Monday through Sunday following the first full weekend in August.

Where to ride at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally:

     I wanted to list all the great rides at Sturgis and The Black Hills.  I quickly realized that it would be impossible to list it all with the details necessary and do it any justice.

The Black Hills, Badlands & Lakes Association have tear-off maps available everywhere in the Sturgis region that are excellent.  We used this while we were at Sturgis.  I strongly recommend you find one of these, available at almost any gas station with tourist information. They also have this same map available to print out at home.  Go to maps to view or print the maps.

If you or anyone in your group have not been to the Black Hills then you will probably have the usual tourist attractions on your ride list: Devil’s Tower in Wyoming, Mount Rushmore, Deadwood, Custer State Park, Spearfish, and Needles Highway.  You also HAVE to have the Badlands on your list. DO NOT go to the Sturgis Rally and the Black Hills region WITHOUT riding through The Badlands!! Absolutely breath taking scenery.  The Badlands are east of Sturgis and very easily accessed from I-90.  We rode through The Badlands on our way home every time.

There is an entrance fee for The Badlands, $10 per motorcycle, make sure you have cash.

When you go to the Devil’s Tower in Wyoming you may also be riding to Sundance or Hulett. While there you will discover magnificent scenery and incredible roads!  Take time to ride the awesome Wyoming country.  Big skies, wide sweeping curves, & rolling hills.  B-E-A-U-T-I–U-L

I started with saying it would be impossible to list the rides and do the Black Hills any justice. That is because the rides are absolutely endless and there is NO WAY you will see everything there is to see in one rally.  Which is why I STRESS….GO TO THE BADLANDS. Things happen in life and although you may have every intention of returning to the Sturgis Rally many more times, just in case you or someone in your group never return, you have seen The Badlands.

See pictures of our trips on Facebook , our 2011 Sturgis trip, and our 2006 Road to Sturgis trip pages!

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