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This is the best motorcycle key chain for many reasons.  No, it doesn't have a bad ass
skull or HD shield, it isn't flashy or sparkly.
It IS functional, simple, useful, and perfect.

It is ideal for motorcycles that require the key to be in position while operating, such as my
Harley-Davidson Sportster.

It is very soft and WILL NOT damage any part of your motorcycle while it is flipping in the
wind while you are riding!

It is perfect while you are riding and perfect when you are off your bike.  It attaches easily
and securely to your belt loop, your wrist, or in your front pocket, without the bulk of a
typical key chain.

This key chain drys quick, extremely durable, adjustable, stretchable, soft, and secure.

Mine has over
30,000 miles on it and it is still in new condition!  No more worries of losing
my key out of my pocket, jeans or vest!  
The PERFECT motorcycle keychain in my motorcycle
Very soft and lightweight, it will not damage
anything on your motorcycle.
The PERFECT motorcycle keychain attached to belt loop
If I am going to be
anywhere for a
long period of
time, like a biker
party or work,  I
attach it to my belt
Usually for a quick run into
the store or something I
slip it over my wrist, and it
is adjustable for a snug fit.  
Very soft and comfortable.
After the ride...hangs
securely on the wall
PERFECT isn't it!!

Proudly made in OHIO, U.S.A.
with USA made materials.
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