Chopping Your Motorcycle Windshield...

You may have noticed that the stock windshields on most motorcycles
reach much higher than your vision. I can only assume this is so it will fit
most people.  However, your eyes should look OVER your windshield.  It
is not only a safety issue because of the glare, dirt, bugs, and rain
(overall visibility), but seriously, why be on a bike if your looking through a
windshield?  I purchased my Harley-Davidson windshield the same day I
bought my bike.  Because they didn't have a "shorty" or "chopped"
windshield in stock, I had to purchase the stock height.  The very next day
we were in the garage modifying it.

How to chop your windshield...

You can purchase a "chopped" or "shorty" windshield for almost any
make and model of motorcycle.  But if you already have a windshield that
is just too tall you can easily chop it yourself to suit you.

First, sit on your bike and find the proper height you need.  You want to
be able to see over the windshield.  So the top should end about the
same level as the tip of your nose.  

Mark this spot (a Sharpie works well) then draw a line across the
windshield, making sure of course that it is even all the way across
from the top.  

My windshield was tapered so I was removing more from the middle, kind
of like clipping a thumbnail.  Tape it off with masking tape.  You want the
tape to be left on, so tape from the mark down.  

With a jig-saw follow your mark.  Use a fine tooth blade and be sure it is
SHARP.  Do not try to use a dull blade, this will not cut through the
material adequately and could possibly cause the windshield to melt from
the heat caused by the friction.  

PAY attention to where your saw guide is, do not apply pressure or it will
gouge into the windshield under the tape.  With very fine sand paper you
can smooth out the finished cut.

DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK!  This isn't difficult to do but you are
cutting plastic material and if you are not careful you CAN damage it.

Note:  You will feel the wind in your hair after chopping your windshield!  
But you will still get protection to your chest, upper body, and face, which
is what the windshield is intended for.  

and How to Chop Yours
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Yellow arrow illustrates the top of the
windshield at tip of nose, still providing upper
body protection.  Notice the field of vision is
over the windshield, (white arrow).
Example of stock harley windshield chopped


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